Saltvik AS is a parent company in Saltvik Group
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Saltvik Plogen AS
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Saltvik Mek AS
Saltvik Mek AS was founded on 12th June, and is a successor of Saltvik's Mek Verksted, founded by Kristian Saltvik in 1971. Ole Saltvik is the owner and general manager, and the company currently has 8 permanent employees and a project manager. When necessary, we hire people for particular projects. Saltvik Mek AS is an approved apprenticeship company and currently has an apprentice in plate work.
Saltvik Plogen AS
A selection of our plows for trucks / tractors
Saltvik Påbygg AS
Steinar Kristoffersen, crane bracket extension
We are known to be a problem solver for customers who have some real challenges. We do not say problems, we say challenges! Just because there are no problems, only challenges and solutions!

The employees have extensive and wide expertise in plate processing, welding, assembly of steel structures and facades. Our employees also have very broad experience from the shipping industry within the construction of large and small tankers.
Saltvik AS carries out both small and large assignments for individuals and companies. We perform all the work with steel and metals, and in addition we do some joinery / woodwork.

If you have a project, we would like to have a look at it together with you, and offer you a quote, either on a part or a whole project.
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