Pointed plow
Our A-type has for many years been a preferred pointed plow both in the lowland and in the mountains. As the requirements for snow removal have changed since 1975 when A-type was launched and up to today, we see the need to offer a pointed plow with greater capacity especially for use in the mountains.
Very good for compacted snow, especially to open roads cut off by snow
Very good to open roads with big amounts of snow and to keep roads open
Higher tip and wings compared to A-type give AH-type a significant capacity increase. AH-type clears much larger amounts of snow and has higher and longer ejection compared to A-type
AH-type ejects well already at low speed
With a more pointed plow compared to other mountain plows that are more oblique, AH-type cuts through the snow a lot easier and at the same time ejects snow easily up and out of the wing.
The plow works very well in the mountains
An easy-to-use plow provides lower fuel costs
AH-type is stable on the road and does not jump
One year warranty for plow

AH-type was developed in March 2018, and has a much higher central part (tip) and wings compared to A-type.

With a 40° angle towards the road, height of 1.17 m at the tip and 2.2 m at the wings, AH-type has an enormous capacity. Good scratch features are similar to the traditional pointed plow but are reinforced with our improved wing that gives AH-type significantly greater snow ejection ability. Unlike traditional mountain plows that are built more oblique, AH-type has maintained the same cutting angle in the driving direction as A-type. This gives a more pointed shape, and the plow cuts better through the snow. The way the plow is constructed makes it quiet and stable on the road.

The pointed plow has excellent clearing properties and is perfect for large amounts of snow, compacted snow, and to open roads. AH-type is especially suitable for high mountains, but can also be used on smaller roads.
AH-type is produced according to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration standards. Moreover, we manufactured it especially for working in tough conditions. Saltvik plows have always been known for their solid quality. Therefore, you can still find plows produced in the 1970s and 1980s in use today.
Safety is a very important aspect regardless of where you work. During snow removal with Saltvik plow, drivers can reduce their speed and still lift and eject snow off the roads efficiently. With decreased need for speed, the risk of traffic accidents is also minimized.
The pointed plow's capabilities give you as an owner / a user such economic advantages as better clearing capabilities, decreased wear and tear of the vehicle because of its low weight, and less emissions of polluting gasses as a result of lower consumption (based on the comparison of our plow to other heavier models).
Standard utstyr til AH-type:
  • Rubber protection to prevent snow overcasting
  • Ears for parallelogram lifting device
  • Brinell / OF 600 wear-resistant steel.
    Standard hole spacing of 305 mm
  • LED-light on both wings
  • Front reflector
Technical characteristics
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