HMF crane extensions for heavy vehicles and machines. We also make other extensions according to the customers' desire, for example hook lifts, pontoons, roller frames, container frames, tail lifts, etc.
Sand blasting, glass blowing, lacquering
Repairs of heavy vehicles, construction materials / machines and trailers
Saltvik Påbygg AS is a workshop for making extensions, a service point and a sales point for the HMF Danish quality cranes in Northern Norway.
Surface treatment
At our workshop, we have Northern Norway's best surface treatment facility with 2 paint rooms, 1 sandblasting hall, 2 sandblasting boots, and a separate mixing facility for lacquer with the ability to mix 20,000 different recipes.
The paint rooms have a width of 4.5 meters and lengths of 12 and 8 meters. The sandblasting hall has a width of 4.5 meters and a length of 11 meters. In addition, we have a hall for preparation and finishing works, assembly.
We carry out repairs on machinery and materials, including subframes, tail lifts, hydraulics, welding of bottom in dump boxes, containers, welding of drawers, etc. We also have certified welders for different assignments.
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