HMF 3220-K

  • RCL 5300
    The RCL 5300 monitors the load moment of the crane as well as the vehicle stability and thereby, the safety of the crane operator.
  • Radio remote control
    HMF's radio remote control offers an efficient, precise, safe and labour-saving tool.
  • HMF InfoCenter
    The HMF InfoCentre indicates the functional condition of the crane as well as the reasons for crane stops and errors. With EVS, the current stability of the vehicle is also indicated.
  • Continuous slewing area
    With HMF's powerful continuous slewing system, the working area of the crane is 360° - without stop.
EVS provides full Capacity right to the Limit - also in high Positions
The EVS stability safety system allows you to work with the crane to its maximum permissible lifting capacity - within the 360° movement, including over the driver's cab without the need to fully extend stabilizer beams.
The EVS system carries out active monitoring of vehicle stability in the entire 360° working area around the vehicle. The system includes all current conditions:
■ The load on the vehicle
■ The load moment of the crane
■ The working speed
■ The inclination of the ground
■ The heel of the vehicle - everything.
HMF offers a series of personnel baskets also called MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platform), covering every need and providing maximum safety for the personnel.
All HMF's personnel baskets comply with the strict rules for safety in the EN280 standard.
HMF provides different types of Fly-Jibs; It is possible to lead the winch via the Fly-Jib. HMF Fly-Jibs are available with extra valves, and this means that you can for example fit a grab on the Fly-Jib.
Minimum space requirements
Minimum space requirements for the large crane range give you more space on the truck body - and better economy.
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