Avtale mellom Vèlfang ehf og Saltvik Plogen AS
May 8, 2018
On 08'th of May 2018 an agreement has been signed between the Icelandic company Vélfang ehf (www.velfang.is), and the Norwegian companies Saltvik Plogen AS and Saltvik Påbygg AS regarding sales of Saltvik products in Iceland. Vélfang will be responsible for importing and selling Saltvik products in Iceland. Vélfang will handle all contact regarding Saltvik Group in Iceland.
The agreement comprises the following:

  • Sale, service/maintenance and repair of the products from Saltvik Plogen AS for small machines, tractors, wheel loaders and trucks
  • Saltvik is developing new equipment for cleaning snow fitted for machines to the current market.
  • Sales of ready built up dumper trucks, flatbed, container frames etc. from Saltvik Påbygg AS
  • Sales of ready built up snow cleaning trucks from Saltvik Påbygg AS In Iceland Vélfang is a leading supplier of construction machines, tractors and attachments. Vélfang is the dealer of JCB, Fendt and Claas.

    The company headquarters is located in Reykjavík alongside spare parts service and workshop. Second branch is located in Akureyri.

    Saltvik Plogen AS and Saltvik Påbygg AS are sister companies in the Saltvikgroup, and have the juridical rights for Saltvikplogen, and own the production-equipment for the snowplow production, while Saltvik Påbygg AS is mainly building up crane trucks for HMF, but also other trucks as dumper-, flatbed-, container-, snow plow trucks. Saltvikplogen® is being produced at Saltvik Mek AS, and being painted and mounted together at Saltvik Påbygg AS.

    In sum, the agreement gives a turnover for 2,5 - 3 mill Nok and turnover for built up trucks for estimated 8 - 12 mil Nok each year. Sales manager for trucks and attachments in Vélfang is Andri Þór Ólafsson and CEO in Saltvik AS Ole Saltvik is very satisfied with the agreement, and looking forward for a close and constructive cooperation in the years to come.