Saltvik Products AS
Saltvik Mek AS is located in Bjerkvik, Nordland county, and has workshop facilities of approximately 800 m2. We have a variety of equipment, including most of the hand tools and electric equipment for sawing, grinding, drilling, chiseling, assembly and welding. We have MIG / TIG welding machines, portable electrode machines and rectifiers for heavier welding on site. We have plate cutters, plate benders, automatic saws, hydraulic jacks for up to 160 tons, and laser equipment for optimal assembly. Our cutting equipment is represented by gas, plasma cutters and optical cutting table for figure cutting. Lathe for manual machining. Boots for smaller sandblasting. High pressure pumps for lacquering. Forklift truck, truck with hook lift, class 1 truck and "small" cars.
We work with:
support steelwork for buildings and other installations
bodywork and lacquering, delivery of fuel reservoirs
production and assembly of stairs, railings and terraces
repair and maintenance of everything from small boats to big vessels
production and assembly of support steelwork / railings, including repairs
extra insulation, assembly of new façade surface – steel plates, stone or wood
production and assembly
Sand blasting, glass blowing, lacquering
Repairs of heavy vehicles, construction materials / machines and trailers
Steel structures
Bulk tankers
We perform repair and lacquering of feed tanks
Stairs, railings and terraces
Gratangsbotn school, internal main staircase
Gratangsbotn school, straight and spiral escape stairs.
Bygg Setermoen, inside railings for stairs and mezzanine.
Narvik: Escape stairs with suspension, Amfi Storsenter.

Narvik: extension, new facade, main staircase with wheelchair ramp.

Karistranda: welding of a work ramp on the drill-barge
Special work
Mineral Sines: 365,000 gross tons tanker, has extensive shipwreck damage.
Intakes 24,000 liters of water per hour. Must have emergency repair to get cargo in Narvik. After a week's repair at the dock in Narvik, the ship was loaded and departed to the Gulf.
After the repair, the ship was loaded, proceeded to the Gulf for unloading and was put in a dry dock for repair.
The repair work in Narvik took 6 days with 10 employees
Repair / maintenance of bridges
Bridge E6 Nygård, repair of railings (large picture)
Tjeldsund- / Rombak bridge; production and assembly of support steelwork, pendulum arms and cover layers.
Reparation of facades
Statnett: extra insulation, wind proofing and new facade.
Various: extra insulation, new facade and terraces
Steel structures for snow protection
Grensebygget Bjørnfjell 2013/14
Production of beams
At our workshop, we have Northern Norway's best surface treatment facility with 2 paint rooms, 1 sandblasting hall, 2 sandblasting boots, and a separate mixing facility for lacquer with the ability to mix 20,000 different recipes.
Surface treatment
The paint rooms have a width of 4.5 meters and lengths of 12 and 8 meters. The sandblasting hall has a width of 4.5 meters and a length of 11 meters. In addition, we have a hall for preparation and finishing works, assembly.
Feel free to contact us directly for assignments, small or large, or if you only have a technical question. There are no problems, just challenges and solutions.
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