May 8, 2018
Agreement between Vélfang ehf and Saltvik Plogen AS
On 08'th of May 2018 an agreement has been signed between the Icelandic company Vélfang ehf, and the Norwegian companies Saltvik Plogen AS and Saltvik Påbygg AS regarding sales of Saltvik products in Iceland. Vélfang will be responsible for importing and selling Saltvik products in Iceland. Vélfang will handle all contact regarding Saltvik Group in Iceland.

Sales manager for trucks and attachments in Vélfang is Andri Þór Ólafsson and CEO in Saltvik AS Ole Saltvik is very satisfied with the agreement, and looking forward for a close and constructive cooperation in the years to come.
March 9, 2018
Brand new A6-280 has been sandblasted, painted, mounted and profiled at our workshop
This giant high mountain plow is therefore ready to do what Saltvikplogen® does best - clear roads.

Thanks to Saltvik Mek As for our participation in this project. Thanks to JR Service Narvik for fast delivery of profiling materials.

February 27, 2018
Big things also need maintenance
In this case, 3 elements for Norcem's automobile weighbridge. The elements are 3.5 x 6 meters and weigh approximately 4500kg each.

These elements had got very rusty on the underside, so we replaced corroded steel beams before sandblasting and painting.

Thanks to Norcem for the order and thanks to Taraldsvik Maskin that was responsible for the special transportation to and from Kjøpsvik.